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​Q:   Price? I am very interested but can I afford custom made one of the kind dress created by Mika?

A:   Mika believes it is one of the most important questions of all.  Since you are dealing with Mika designer, directly without any third party like a bridal shop, you will save so much money.  Also there is no extra costs like alteration fees and other usual surprised expenses.
All dresses are hand created by highly skilled creator in New York and only use finest natural  materials like 100%silk and cotton.  (Mika believes her creations must be eco friendly). 
Mika's Price starts from surprisingly affordable $1500-$8000

Q:     What is the step by step process ?

A:     First, you have to make an appointment with Mika.  During this process, Mika wants to know everything about your wedding.  For example, season, ceremony, requirements.  If your wedding is a formal or informal events, it would change the whole designs and feel of the dress she would create.  After that, she would sketches out initial design.   During this process, she would show you some fabric options as well.  In our studio, we have some samples so, you might want to try on some dresses as well.  Also it is very much helpful to bring some pictures.  Some of Mika's brides, brought in their favorite dresses or even skirts they love and design started from there. 

Q:     Can I change one of your designs to suit me?

A:     So you want to be a designer…of course Mika will make changes. Not everyone can carry the same style. Sometimes you might have to add a sleeve, or a higher neckline, or a lower back, a higher slit…the possibilities are endless. Mika will stop you when changes begin to make the dress not looking fabulous, impossible to make, or impossible on the budget.

Q:     What is a toile (muslin) fitting?

A:    After you decide on a dress you want, Mika will take your measurements and cut the dress according to your size in lightweight cotton fabric.  Mika will make any necessary adjustments to the fitting and any changes to the design that you would like to do. This gives us the opportunity to achieve a perfect fit before we start cutting your gown. Of course we might require a tuck here and there should your weight changes during the course of the fittings.

Q:     How long does it take to complete the dress?"…

A:     You should allow yourself at least 6 months when ordering a dress. There are some fabrics and materials that require a longer time to make and order. There are certain styles that we can do in a month’s time. Mika recommends for you to make your decision as quickly as possible to avoid an unnecessary disappointments.

Q:     I’m not sure which type of silhouette looks best on me?

A:     Working with Mika, you will be shown a number of flattering styles and shapes that will best suit your personal figure and style of wedding. Mika's expertise in this area will ensure the perfect combination for you.

Q:     Which fabric is best suited for the time and date of the event?

A:     Mika will show you a number of different fabrics including laces and beading that will be most appropriate for your wedding day. Many styles can be changed with the fabric. Mika  can even bead special one of a kind designs for you.

Q:     What kind of undergarment should I wear?

A:    Mika will guide you through each bride what to do with undergarment.  However she believes comfort is the most important element of your wedding.  She normally will have boning and bustier attached into the dress so you don't have to wear extra garment under.    

Q:   Does Mika create a veil for me?

A:   Mika loves to create perfectly matching  headpieces and veils.   Ask her what she can do.

Q:  Do you do alterations?   I have my mother's dress,  can Mika do alteration or update the dress?

A:   Mika loves to work on a project like that.  Ask her what she can do.   Alterations service starts from $800.

​Note:  If you have any other questions, please contact Mika.  She loves to hear from you.
 By e-mail or telephone.  
          or   call us  212-966-7777