Mika Inatome’s custom slim gowns are the pinnacle of perfection and creativity

Mika Inatome’s signature style and specialty has been designing slim gowns for over 20 years. Her experience is invaluable as designing slim gowns require a higher level of expertise, requiring a much more precise measurement to achieve perfect fit. For Mika every single dress is like creating a unique piece of art that is custom fit to your specific needs, creating that one of a kind, exquisite dress for your special day. 

Mika makes the whole experience truly enjoyable and painless with complete personalized attention, consulting with you every step of the way, from start to finish. In fact each bride has a muslin fit, where you are fitted with a temporary dress made from cotton before you try on the actual dress - this mean no alterations fees or any other hidden costs. Most importantly, Mika understands it’s all about you and she works with your budget to give you what you really desire and help you make that wedding dress you always dreamed about, a reality.

Outfitting every body type over two decades, Mika has custom fit slim gowns for thousands of very happy and satisfied brides.

“Proportions = Custom” 
With one on one personal consultation, Mika designs every single gown to specifically suit the needs of her bride. No two body-types are identical and every bride deserves to look her very best. A trendsetter for slim gowns, Mika has accumulated several years worth of experience to help her design a gown with finesse and perfection to suit every body type. 

“Comfort = Perfection”
The wedding day could be a stressful day and you do not want to suffer with what you wear. Every bride should feel comfortable on her special day. Slim gowns could be very strained. Mika’s primary concern is not just beauty but the combination of beauty and comfort in equal measure. She constructs her slim gowns to make the bride not only beautiful but very comfortable.

“It’s all about the bride”
Success for over 20 years – Mika attributes her success to her real desire in meeting every single need of her brides, giving each bride personalized attention. She wants to know everything! The wedding location, wedding theme, your comfort levels…. Mika meets with every single bride in person to see, to feel and share in order to create that one-of-a- kind dress.

“Get the real deal”
Spending minimal costs on marketing or advertising, Mika has always watched her company expenses; enabling her to provide a custom dress for every single bride. All the production work is done under one roof at her hell's kitchen studio loft, where Mika works long hours with her small team of staff to cut her expenses. Each dress is custom fit so there is no alteration or any hidden surprised costs.  Her price starts from $1700-$5000.

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